The First Well

Follow a warrior in search of water
to save his people.

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There used to be subtitles in Hindi, transcription and English. Has that been given up? What a pity indeed. I wish I had downloaded the old format before ... it's not as useful anymore for learning a new language

Good Story

This is a very good story.

amazing story

amazing story!


thanks for watching story, it's a great, i like this

like that...

like that...

adeeb from Iraq

thank you very much, this website is very good for all the people who want to learn English language.


Thank You...I can learn easy and fast here Dutch Language...

beautiful reading

beautiful reading


below the video was written mobile apps, pdf and and animated.
i wanted to ask how to access them for the first well for which there is no accession charge


i am interested in teaching methods that help me create interesting atmosphere for my students


nice story with nice wishes