Special Children

Though BookBox stories are primarily focused on reading skills’ development and language learning for all children, they also contain several features that help children with special needs, for example:

Dyslexic Children 

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that primarily concerns the written language, especially with reading. This condition is a result of how the brain differentiates between the written and the spoken language. A child with dyslexia has trouble processing letters and sounds. It becomes difficult for them to connect speech sounds to letters.

Autistic Children

Autism is a mental condition characterized mainly by poor social interaction, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and unusual, repetitive, or severely limited activities and interests.

Hearing Impaired Children

A hearing impairment or hearing loss is a full or partial decrease in the ability to detect or understand sounds, which can be caused by a wide range of biological and environmental factors.

Some of the special features in which special children or parents/teachers will find great value are:

1.Same Language Subtitling (SLS)
At the heart of BookBox’s strategy is a tested, proven and award winning approach called Same Language Subtitling (SLS) pioneered by PlanetRead – BookBox’s parent organization  www.planetread.org.

SLS is a simple idea yet powerful idea by which subtitles are added in the same language as the audio. Know more…
2.Recording Feature
Our stories have been narrated by professional voice artists who are natives from around the world. While our narrations are of international standards, we thought it would be even more fun to add a feature with which parents, teachers and children can personalize BookBox stories and use it as a learning tool as well.
We designed a feature which will allow users to simply record the stories in their very own voice. While children can listen to the original narration whenever they want, they can now listen to their parents’ voice even when they are not around!  
This feature also allows kids to listen to their own voice and improve their pronunciation and reading skills. Teachers can use this feature as an assessment tool to evaluate the reading skills of their students. Needless to say, kids would love to be a part of such fun activity.

3.Slow Play Feature
With a simple click of the button all aspects of the story i.e. animation, narration, music and subtitles start playing slower than the normal version. This feature gives more time for children to understand what is going on in the story. Language learners will find this option very helpful to hear pronunciation clearly.

4.Read Along
This educational feature offers reading and narration practice. The stories play with the background music but without any pre-recorded narration. However, the subtitles appear below the animation. By reading the stories aloud along with the text that appears on the screen, kids can practice their reading and narration skills.

5.Simple & User Friendly Navigation
The stories have very simple and user friendly controls right below the animation. All basic functions such as play, pause, rewind, forward, restart and end are available. Know more…

6.Translation & Transliteration
Our stories are available with multiple language translations thus making them an excellent language learning tool.
We also offer “Transliteration” for languages that follow a non-roman script for example Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian etc… Transliteration helps a learner pronounce words that at first look impossible to pronounce because of the odd looking characters.

7.Short & Crisp Stories
Most children tend to have a low attention span, especially children with special needs. As BookBox stories are exciting, compact and short, they help improve the concentration of these children. All our stories are about five minutes long and make a thrilling experience each time they are viewed.

8.Cultural Diversity
BookBox allows a child to have fun with animation while developing his/her reading and language skills. Our animated books are ad-free and violence-free, taking great care to be respectful of peoples’ cultures from around the world. BookBox also distinguishes itself by the cultural diversity of its story content. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, at BookBox we believe that it is important to expose the younger generation to the many different languages and cultures.

9.Fine Illustrations
Experienced artists in the field of children’s stories, along with a team of animators, story editors and art directors create BookBox characters that children will love to watch.
In order to be sure that children enjoy the stories we make, we conduct field studies to understand their tastes and what interests them the most.

10.Aesthetic and Original Music
The music in stories is also very unique because each score has been specially composed and mastered for our stories by musicians who have been a part of the research team at BookBox and have understood the taste of children. Our stories capture a wide range of themes like adventure, friendship, fantasy, Christmas, holiday seasons and eco-friendliness. Since we have stories from all cultures of the world, there are many ethnic styles to our music. The music in our stories creates a fun atmosphere that helps in reading skills development.

11.Value Added Games
Children with special needs require repetitive learning to develop skills. Simple games offered such as puzzles, memory and brick games help them improve their memory and observational skills while they enjoy themselves.
Overtime, we have realized that the content we have developed at BookBox can be further expanded to create several forms of ‘edutaining’ features.    

One of the main advantages of BookBox stories is their “Adaptability”.
They can be distributed on mass media (TV) and digital media (internet download, VCD, DVD, iPod, cell phones, other handheld devices, and print).
The cost of production for additional languages is marginal and there is great scope for exploiting the content for different purposes.