AniBooks for Oracle Giving

Our goal for this project is to produce 5 AniBooks (animated stories) with SLS in English and Hindi. We started by researching on what kind of stories to produce and finally decided to make environmental stories.

Several factors like pollution, poor resource and waste management have become a major threat to our environment mainly sea life. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 is “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources”.

The AniBooks that we are producing for this project will subtly address issues like pollution and better resource management. We have tried to make sure the stories are not too preachy but at the same convey the idea in a fun and lively manner.

We know that children love cartoons and animation. Our aim to create awareness by producing AniBooks with an environmental theme and make sure children from a young age understand the importance of saving our environment. We are not only helping them improve their reading skills but we are also conveying an important message to them.


Here’s a glimpse of our team working behind the scenes:




The stories that we have chosen so far are:

The Cloud of Trash

A cloud of trash is hanging over Cheekoo’s head, making her the unhappiest girl in the world. Read this wonderful story to find out how Cheekoo gets rid of this horrible trash cloud.

Rain Rain

Roll along with the cloud as it brings rain and joy!

The Monk’s New Shawl

This ancient story from the life of the great sage, Gautama Buddha, carries a deep lesson about conservation. A disciple finds out that getting the Buddha to sanction a new shawl for him is no easy matter!