BookBox At The Pondicherry Heritage Festival

The Pondicherry Heritage Festival came to a close this Sunday, 10th February but the three day event left some wonderful memories in its wake.

BookBox (a social enterprise) and some other reputed NGOs of Pondicherry were selected to represent their work to the public at the Gandhi Tidal near the Gandhi memorial on the Beach road in an effort to create awareness of their work and rally them for some social causes. This was an effort put together by the organizers of the Heritage Festival and we are grateful to them for considering us as a representing NGO.

BookBox like the other NGOs was given a stall at the venue to showcase their work to the public and interact with them across the three days. We had a great many activities lined up for the younger audience at the fair. We had a continuous projection of our stories in many languages, a space for children to come and showcase their drawing prowess. We even had fun and educational games and puzzles for them on our iPad!!!


Not only was this an occasion for the children and parents to come and experience the various products of BookBox but also as occasion for us to gather valuable feedback as a team.

Our team was constantly engaged with teachers and parents and learning from them how we can improve our products and understand from them how better to enhance our products for a more wholesome experience. Some of the feedback that we have received has been extremely helpful to our creative and technical team.

Once again we thank the Organizers of the Heritage festival for organizing this event.

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